Welcome to RM Tree Services

A family business of father Roni, involved with tree work for over 30 years whether commercial harvesting, clearing windblow, felling in confined spaces, aerial operations, crown alterations or pruning/shaping/thinning garden trees, and his son Chris who adds his individual skills gained over 10 years.

All work is completed to a high standard; BS2010, and is fully undertaken and completed as per customers requirements. Additional staff, Roni’s elder son, Gavin who runs his own Tree Surgery business in Glasgow, and his team are available should the need arise.

Roni has been creating bespoke chainsaw sculptures for many years now and customers are offered the option of having the remaining stump, following tree removal, turned into something different. Chris offers the option of creating something more refined with his portable milling services whereby turning large lumber into planks, boards etc.

Chainsaw Carving

Where a complete removal is required we offer the customer the option of a stump carving which can be representative or abstract of virtually any size. We also offer a mobile milling service; producing planks, boards or beams from on site timber.

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